[Google Compute Engine] ACTION REQUIRED: Reminder to move resources out of europe-west1-a by March 29th, 2015

שימו לב אנשי התבע, הולכים למחוק אתכם עוד חודש וחצי.



Back in October, we announced the planned turn-down of europe-west1-a, scheduled for March 29th, 2015.

You are receiving this message because you are a project owner of a Google Compute Engine project that still has resources in europe-west1-a, openmunibudgets (187299542565).

We wanted to remind you that the turn-down of europe-west1-a is 45 days away and to make sure you’re planning your exit from europe-west1-a before the zone goes offline on March 29th. After March 29th, any resources (VMs and PDs) remaining in europe-west1-a will be permanently deleted.

We’re still working hard on creating tools to simplify the move from europe-west1-a; however, you can move your VMs to europe-west1-c anytime by creating a disk snapshot and then launching a new VM in the new zone using that snapshot. Detailed instructions on how to move your VMs can be found here.

If you require additional assistance moving your instances, even if you are not paying for support, please send an email to gc-team@google.com. If you are a Platinum, Gold, or Silver support customer, please contact support via the Google for Work Support Center.

As always, please send us any feedback via the normal channels.

Best Regards,

Google Cloud Platform

Sample of disks in europe-west1-a:

openmunibudgets:open-taba, openmunibudgets:tzeva-adom

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לא רק, הם נתנו שתיים כדוגמה, צריך להעביר הכל.
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אללה יוסתור. יש משהו שאנחנו צריכים לעשות או שבני מטפל בענין?

יש רק שרת אחד בzone הזה וזה תבע פתוחה.
(יש גם דיסק של צבע אדום אבל לא נראה לי שהוא בשימוש)


@daonb יש משהו שאנחנו צריכים לעשות בקשר לזה?

זה אמור להיות ממש פשוט להעביר, אבל אני כולי בצוללת. @aaa , אתה יכול אולי לעזור להם?


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@aaa תודה אדם. יש משהו שאנחנו צריכים/יכולים לעשות כדי לעזור?

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